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Spinal Cord Stimulation Specialist

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Dilangani Ratnayake, MD

Pain Medicine Physician & Anesthesiologist located in Palm Desert, CA

If you live with chronic pain in your neck, back, abdomen, or extremities because of a malfunctioning nerve in your spine, you may benefit from spinal cord stimulation. At the Ratnayake Pain Management in Palm Desert, California, Dilangani Ratnayake, MD, provides spinal cord stimulators to disrupt pain signals traveling between your spine and brain. Call the office today or schedule a consultation online to learn more about spinal cord stimulation and how it can relieve your pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulation Q&A

What is spinal cord stimulation?

Spinal cord stimulation is a pain management procedure that uses a mild electrical pulse or current to disrupt the pain signals that travel between your spine and brain. Dr. Ratnayake recommends spinal cord stimulation when your pain is due to nerve dysfunction.

Spinal cord stimulation has been FDA-approved for pain management since the 1970s. It delivers the electrical pulse to your spine with a thin needle or wire that’s implanted into your back and spine. The needle is attached to a battery-operated generator.

What is the process of receiving a spinal cord stimulator?

At the Ratnayake Pain Management, Dr. Ratnayake implants your spinal cord stimulator in two phases. The first stage is a trial to ensure that spinal cord stimulation is an effective treatment for your pain and to fine-tune the placement of the needle and the electrical current. 

If phase one gives you effective pain relief, Dr. Ratnayake continues with the second phase, which involves permanently implanting the needle and the generator in your back.

Dr. Ratnayake performs the implantation procedures on an outpatient basis at Ratnayake Pain Management. During both implantation stages, you lie on your side or stomach. 

Dr. Ratnayake cleans your skin and uses small incisions, a local anesthetic, and fluoroscopy to place the needle in the correct place in your spine. Fluoroscopy is a special type of X-ray that uses a contrast dye and helps Dr. Ratnayake guide the needle into your spine.

After your first procedure, the generator stays outside your body. Dr. Ratnayake usually tapes it to your skin during the trial period. If spinal cord stimulation is effective, you have a second procedure for Dr. Ratnayake to implant the generator into your lower back or upper buttock.

Am I a good candidate for spinal cord stimulation?

If you have chronic back pain due to a malfunctioning nerve and other pain management treatments haven’t reduced or eliminated your pain, spinal cord stimulation may be an option for you. 

Painful Diabetic Neuropathy can also be treated with spinal cord stimulation.

Dr. Ratnayake provides thorough consultations and physical exams before recommending any pain management therapies, and she can provide advice and answer your questions about spinal cord stimulation.

If you want to know more about spinal cord stimulation and discover if it’s right for you, call Ratnayake Pain Management or make an appointment online today.